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Our job is to make sure that we build a better world, making progress, and giving a source of inspiration and vision for the future!

about us

Cardinal Shipping Services is a Recruitment and Talent Acquisition organization, offering Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) services, ashore and overseas.

Cardinal Shipping Services has a broader hiring strategy. It involves developing a specific hiring strategy, talent or candidate relationship management, employer branding, creation of a talent pipeline, and finally, recruitment.

Cardinal Shipping Services provides recruitment services by process of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs. The Talent Acquisition Team is responsible for identifying, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill open positions within the company.

We’re competitive, and our talent acquisition success is based on a combination of effective recruitment strategies, increased speed, and quality hiring processes, being more productive than others.

    We understand the best picture of the current situation, especially an unexpected one, comes from the front line. Because front line employees are closer to the work than executive leadership, we are better positioned to recognize the potential failure and identify opportunities for improvement. A consistent concentration on processes leads to observations that inform decision-making and new operational initiatives.

    We don’t sit back and wait for employees to report concerns. We create conditions for openness by communicating frequently and regularly with employees. We show respect for individuals by taking their concerns seriously and providing feedback when information is shared.


    The company was founded on August 2, 2000 by Mrs. Sorina Adam,  based on previous experience in shipping industry, starting out of the need to build a better world, and out of a desire to build a bridge between employers and employees, so that everyone can be pleased. Being an empathetic person, well balanced, and how to motivate people and/or encourage them, the only work to do was how to make them understand reciprocally.

    Sorina has started to look for clients, achieving for signing contracts with ‘Jo Tankers’ Norway and ‘SHINWA’ Co. Japan. Making budgets and running costs, we began to work for Echo Shipping AS Norway, provided Manning Services for three AHTS ships. We succeed with no failures, and all parties happy: no delays on crew change, fixing rotation period, stability for and in the company, reducing running costs for many years.
    In 2003 we was authorized by Romanian Naval Authority in the first 13 Crewing Agencies from Constanta.

    Later, we worked for Festival Cruises, Royal Olympic Cruises, and Pullmantur Cruises. We’ve recruited various positions on board, from Deck & Engine Personnel to Hotel/Restaurant, and SPA Personnel. In the background, we worked hardly, being focused 16 hours a day, fully dedicated to perform a well done job with inspiration and vitality by setting standards of excellence of our team.

    We have faced many challenges that test our capacity of decision, sometimes instantly, going through stages of changes (I.M.O. and I.L.O. Regulations, S.T.C.W., as well in Romanian legislation), we changed the Recruitment process, evolving towards transformation of life, technology, companies’ standards, candidates, gaining access to ‘Norwegian Cruise Line’, the third biggest Corporation in Cruise industry.

    Working as Hiring Partner of ‘Norwegian Cruise Line’ since June 2010, influences us to change the course for the approach of Recruitment process, implementing new strategies and procedures, to recruit to the highest standards in execution and business performance.

    We have extended recruitment for ‘Norwegian Cruise Line Holding’, (additional ‘Oceania Cruises’ and ‘Regent Seven Seas’) We got Certification by Bureau Veritas with congratulations. Yearly, we received Congratulations from the company, being their best Hiring Partner all over the World.

    In 2015 we’ve started recruitment for ‘Princess Cruise Line’ (part of  ‘Carnival Corporation’, the biggest Group in Cruise Industry). Therefore, Sorina Adam, experienced new challange, managing a new revolutionary period, setting new practices which become the basis for managing the next period of evolutionary growth. Interestingly enough, these new practices eventually sow the seeds of another period of evolution. We can term ‘periods of revolution’ because they typically exhibit an upheaval of management practices. We choose stability, to be successful and remain in business, even if the profitability and growth are important and necessary for a company to survive.

    We achieved to build careers of many seafarers, grew up from beginner to the Officer’s highest rank. First, we identified their goals, going deeper and make an in-depth introspection between their inner desires and rational goals; helping them to create a professional, neat resume, becoming aware of their strengths; training them to assume full responsibility of their life, rising their standards, and branding their names constantly, with effort, patience and credibility.

    By contrast, between paying close attention to detail, procedures, tests and interviews, processing documentation, records, handling checks, time schedule, finding creative solutions to the daily challenges, maintaining a professional environment, our team creates funny memories.

    The most challenging move made by Mrs. Sorina Adam in 2019, was to transfer business online – ‘e-Recruitment’, with ample pre-planning and thorough management to tackle these challenges effectively, starting to train Ms. Alexandra Matei in the management of the company.

    With all those difficulties, smiles and frowns, it was finally time to move ahead. For the most part, it is good news – moving the business online, the place to extend business: growth of business is essentially an expansion, making the company bigger, increasing its market and ultimately making it more profitable. It does, however, come with its fair share of challenges.

    Human Resources knowledge and executive management experience of Mrs. Sorina Adam, combined with organizational skills and self-confidence, sense of humor, vision, negotiation, and effective problem-solving skills, adding value to the Company’s operation.

    Building a successful career takes time, effort, and patience. If we’re willing to sacrifice some free time and we’re willing to get out of our comfort zone, we will succeed. It’s not that hard, honestly. It just takes courage and commitment to follow everything that we’ve targeted.

    team management

    Sorina Adam

    Founder, General Manager, President, CEO

    Sorina Adam is a Talent Acquisition Specialist entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive leadership experience, with International Calification of Human Resources Management and Communication by  London School of Business and Communication, Bachelor’s Degree of Economics Engineering and Management, and Master of Maritime Law. Knowledge, skills, abilities, self-image, traits, mindsets, feelings, and ways of thinking achieved a high performance that created reasonable impact on business outcomes, her competency comprising in:

    • Human Resource Expertise
    • Relationship Management
    • Consultation
    • Leadership in Crew Management and Staff
    • Communication
    • Global and Cultural Effectiveness
    • Ethical Practice
    • Critical Evaluation
    • Business Acumen

    Alexandra Matei

    Talent Acquisition Manager

    The company’s mission and vision are expanded by Ms. Alexandra Matei, who is pursuing a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Business Engineering and Management (English studies) at University ‘Politehnica’ Bucharest, a Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Engineering in Transport from Maritime University of Constanta, and  certified for International Human Resources Management and Communication from London School of Business and Communication.

    Alexandra is adding value to our company by speaking/writing/reading English, Korean, and Japanese languages, average French and German. With three years experience in Recruitment, Alexandra shows that is collaborative, work hard and have important qualities:

    • Is Positive, Enthusiastic and Cultivating the Joys of Working in a Group;
    • Having a Vision and Communicating It;
    • Being Action- and Solution-Oriented;
    • Having Intellectual Resources;
    • Showing Managerial Courage;
    • Showing Leadership and Inspiring Others;
    • Surrounding Oneself Well;
    • Showing empathy.

    legal structure

    Cardinal Shipping Services S.R.L. is a private limited company (S.R.L.), with sole proprietorship, registered to Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, and European Union VAT identification number.

    Cardinal Shipping Services is authorized for Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers by Romanian Naval Authority (2003), and certified MLC, 2006 (2013) by Bureau Veritas. Additional, has implementing Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2008 (2013), and upgrading with ISO 9001:2015, also certified by Bureau Veritas.

    our mission

    Our job is to make sure that we build a better world, making progress, and giving a source of inspiration and vision for the future!

    Culture is the foundation for our vision and strategy. We have five key principles, which are essential for any improvement initiative to succeed: deference to expertise, reluctance to simplify, sensitivity to operations, commitment to resilience and preoccupation with not to fail, applying cause and effect philosophy.


    Cardinal Shipping Services is responsible for developing employer branding and communicating that brand to potential candidates. Branding is clearly give candidates an understanding of company culture, its reputation, key differentiators between competitors, and its products and services:

    1. Identifies candidates who are likely to provide an excellent culture fit;
    2. Finds/Creats new roles if a compelling candidate is available in the market;
    3. Assess passive candidates for possible roles in the organization;
    4. Position a company as a “preferred employer” to young professionals, building an uninterrupted talent pipeline.

     Selection, recruitment, placement and promotion: in this area the aim could be first to recruit the right people. Placement and promotion decisions follow from this – and are equally as important as recruiting the talent that the organization wants.

    applying for job

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    career opportunities

    Our team must, is to manage candidate life cycle, from the initial application through the final job offer. Effective collaboration, clear communication, and goal alignment with the hiring manager is key, in this regard.

    In addition, our team is responsible for retaining essential employees and developing and maintaining morale among the labor force.


    Cardinal Shipping Services provides assistance about the process employers use for recruiting, tracking and interviewing job candidates.


    We offer assistance and support to the registered companies from Romania, by reorganizing, optimizing collection operations and debt rescheduling through direct negotiation with customers, business development and maximizing potential.

    Oferim asistenta si suport companiilor inregistrate in Romania, prin reorganizare, optimizarea operatiunilor de incasare si esalonarea datoriilor prin negociere directa cu clientii, dezvoltarea afacerilor si maximizarea potentialului.



    Business administration in the absence of the administrator;

    Support for business recovery, reorganization and development;

    Assistance for mediation and renegotiation of contracts, debt rescheduling and cost reduction;

    Human Resource Management: the outsourcing of HR helps to streamline significant HR activities, such as compliance, payroll and employee administration. When companies outsource HR services, they certainly get more time to focus on profits and other activities.


    Administrarea afacerilor in lipsa administratorului;

    Suport pentru redresarea, reorganizarea si dezvoltarea afacerilor;

    Asistenta pentru medierea si renegocierea contractelor, esalonarea datoriilor si scaderea costurilor;

    Managementul Resurselor Umane: externalizarea serviciilor de resurse umane ajută la eficientizarea activităților de resurse umane semnificative, cum ar fi respectarea, salarizarea și administrarea angajaților. Atunci când companiile externalizează serviciile de resurse umane, cu siguranță obțin mai mult timp pentru a se concentra pe profituri și alte activități.

    hr consultant


    Staff recruitment in any field;

    Counseling on the management of human resources policies and procedures;

    Assistance for mediation and renegotiation of contracts, debt rescheduling and cost reduction;

    Analysis of the company’s current HR programs and recommendations with viable solutions;

    Presentation of training sessions related to specific HR programs;

    Employment documents operation / processing (Revisal), conclusion of employment contracts, decisions, issuance of employment certificates, preparation of retirement files, etc.


    Recrutare personal in orice domeniu;

    Consilierea privind administrarea politicilor și procedurilor de resurse umane;

    Analiza programelor de resurse umane actuale ale companiei și recomandari cu soluții viabile;

    Prezentarea sesiunilor de instruire legate de programe specifice de resurse umane;

    Operare/procesare documente de angajare (Revisal), incheieri contracte de munca, decizii, eliberare adeverinte de angajare, intocmirea dosarelor de pensionare etc.



    Training on performance, work efficiency and achieving clear and efficient results, continuous personal improvement, strategic approach and solving all problems by eliminating the causes of dysfunctions, managing crisis situations, including the use of software.


    Instruire privind performanta, eficienta in munca si obținerea unor rezultate clare și eficiente, îmbunătățirea personală continuă, abordare strategica si rezolvarea tuturor problemelor prin inlaturarea cauzelor care produc disfunctionalitati, gestionarea situatiilor de criza.

    contact us

    Mailing Address:

    Cardinal Shipping Services S.R.L.
    str. Miron Costin nr. 36, 900682,
    Constanta – Romania

    E-mail: [email protected]
    Telephone: +40 722 11 99 55
    Fax: +40 241 558 558
    GDPR requirements: [email protected]